Top 5 Recent Sports NFTs and Metaverse Projects

As the digital landscape expands, NFTs have become a groundbreaking innovation, revolutionizing how we interact with collectibles, sports, and virtual worlds. In June, the NFT sales market saw a notable upward trend, showcasing rising interest in the Web3 realm. Based on data from Cryptoslam.io, sales experienced impressive growth of 11.60% in the week leading up to June 21, while the number of individual NFT buyers surged by 95.20% compared to the previous week.

Let's look at some of the past month's exciting Web3 projects in the sports industry that are definitely worth our attention.

Formula One's First NFT Tickets

Platinium Group has partnered with Blockchain infrastructure company Elemint and Web3 agency Bary to help create, mint, and sell NFT tickets for Formula 1 races. These NFT race tickets provided fans with entry to the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix and offered lasting benefits such as hospitality privileges and future race discounts, fostering brand loyalty. Jacques-Henri Eyraud, CEO of Elemint, believes that the Blockchain's application in event ticketing extends beyond Formula 1, revolutionizing the sports and entertainment industry with more secure and tailored ticketing solutions.

Nike NFTs in Fortnite

Nike has hinted at its plans to release a collection of sneaker NFTs within the popular game Fortnite. This move could be a significant step in introducing Web3 technology to traditional gamers, considering Fortnite's massive player base of over 242.9 million active users in the past month. While specific details are not unveiled, speculation suggests that Nike may have leveraged Fortnite Creative 2.0 to create an NFT-related game. Nike's NFT unit has been actively exploring opportunities in the gaming realm, including a recent announcement of NFT integration with games developed by EA Sports.

FIFA and the Metaverse

FIFA has expanded its presence in the Metaverse and immersive environments through its "WE ARE" initiative. The organization has filed trademark applications in nine categories, including VR, gaming, and fashion. FIFA has already introduced innovative digital services such as a virtual replica of the World Cup stadium and an immersive fan engagement app called Phygtlis. In addition to exploring virtual reality, FIFA is also launching the NFTs "FIFA+Collect" in partnership with Algorand.

Manchester United Museum NFTs Exhibit

The Manchester United Museum has opened an exciting new exhibit featuring the club's digital collectibles. This exhibit showcases Manchester United's NFTs and introduces the concept of Web3. Remarkably, since their launch in December 2022, over 750,000 fans have acquired these NFTs, highlighting the rising popularity of digital collectibles. NFT holders enjoy exclusive benefits, including access to dedicated channels on Manchester United's Discord community and behind-the-scenes footage.

BOSS Vienna Padel Open NFTs and Metaverse Games

MO:ME:NT partnered with Boss Vienna Padel Open to enhance fan engagement during the tournament and provide participants with exciting prizes. As part of this innovative collaboration, unique NFTs were created to represent historic tournament victories. MO:ME:NT also created a special "BOSS VPO World" in the LAOLA1 Sportinsel Metaverse to provide fans with additional gamification opportunities. Padel fans participated in virtual competitions and had the chance to win tickets to the BOSS Vienna Padel Open finals.


From Blockchain-powered event ticketing to integrating NFTs in gaming, these new initiatives reshape the way we interact with sports, digital assets, and virtual worlds. As Web3 technology continues to develop, we expect more innovative projects to emerge. Stay tuned as we explore this exciting world!