About us

We want to innovate and shape the future of spatial computing.

We believe that Web3 is the natural evolution of Web2 and everything that came before. It will hence naturally find a way to mass adoption. It is only a matter of time as hardware improves and becomes more affordable and as software and experience evolve.

Eventually, by putting on a pair of glasses, we will be able to watch a game as if we were there, sitting next to friends who are actually at the other end of the world.

Together, we have the opportunity to innovate, push boundaries, and shape what is coming.

We are dynamic and inclusive innovators who like to inspire.

What brought us together is the love for sport, technology, and experiences. What united us are our values: dynamism, inclusivity, innovation, inspiration. What is driving us is the determination to build something new within a space that we can help shape.

We know how challenging it is to navigate a blue ocean, having gone through it in the past but are thrilled by the opportunities and relentlessly working to make them happen.

We are servicing clients while building ready to use solutions.

As we service our clients and gain experience, we are exploring and developing solutions to make it even easier for them to enter and explore the world of spatial computing.

Our first solution is a marketplace for digital assets and more specifically digital wearables. This would allow a football club or a university to easily offer their merchandising as digital wearables.

Our second solution is an automated way to create a standardized but branded virtual space from the information and data already available on a webpage and / or social media channels.

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