Reviewing the year’s best MO:ME:NTs

“At MO:ME:NT, we believe that the Metaverse is like a big playground, where we can awake brands and engage in a way never seen before. [And] we all love technology and the opportunities the new web3 era offer, but nothing is more powerful and exciting than user / customer-centricity. [Therefore], it is our mission to make it inspiring and easy for brands and people to leverage the buzz and find utility to jump on this train.” — Pascal Haider (Co-Founder and CEO — MO:ME:NT).

That’s why as the year-end rolls around, it’s time to reflect and assess how far we’ve come in less than a year; from amazing partnerships in the sports world to creating our very own virtual worlds that combine online retail and entertainment. Read along to learn about all the great MO:ME:NTs we’ve minted together.

Official Collaboration with Sportradar As We Joined Their Acceleradar Program

MO:ME:NT captures moments as and when they happen by minting MO:ME:NT NFTs. Since offering this unique solution requires a data partner, we collaborated with Sportradar, the world’s leading sports technology company which is listed on NASDAQ. We joined their Acceleradar Program, whose mission is to support start-ups in the sports tech industry, to ensure we can continue to offer unique services and products like creating MO:ME:NT NFTs in the instance an event occurs.

Taking Austrian Tennis to the Metaverse

This year we joined forces with Erste Bank Open to create an unforgettable experience that merged the real and virtual worlds. We captured special sporting moments as they happened, minting NFTs of these memories so fans could own them and cherish their favorite matches for years to come. Plus, we gave tennis lovers a Metaverse space where they can lounge with star players and win prizes during the tournament! It’s never been easier, or more fun, to become part of the sports collectibles community than it is now.

The best part is that we achieved an incredible feat with no media investment– over 1,000 people from all corners of the Metaverse. The interviews and social content reached, across our own and partner channels, 30K+ followers around the globe! Tom Berger, Head of LAOLA1, shared his enthusiasm for this web3 future, saying that “the concept of MO:ME:NT and the concrete project with Erste Bank Open are an important step into the web3 future that is inevitably coming.” Dominik Beier, Managing Director, E|motion, also expressed immense joy when reflecting on how introducing projects like Erste Bank Open can spark events unlike any other — proving once again that “Sport is emotion.”

Strolling around #Space6

Another major highlight of this year is the creation of #Space6 with 6thstreet.com. This virtual space aims to combine retail and entertainment and gives access to 1200+ of the trendiest brands from around the world — think designer clothing and chic accessories with a single click. Plus, our five shoppable rooms let users win prizes or take advantage of Super Friday discounts while enjoying activities like watching movies at our auditorium and lounging out in style. We’re incredibly proud of our efforts in creating a futuristic virtual world where fashion trends come alive!

Playing Foodball with Burger King

Perhaps one of the most exciting collaborations we had this year was with Burger King Austria. “Burger King Austria wanted to join the Qatar 2022 World Cup frenzy, so we minted Live MO:ME:NTs at the end of each of the 64 matches in collaboration with a selected artist. Holders were not only able to pick up a free Whopper but could use their MO:ME:NT to access the Whopper World, a fun Metaverse space with exclusive content.” — Rudy Banholzer (Co-Founder and COO — MO:ME:NT)

What’s Ahead: FC Twente Partnership 2023

We truly believe that, as technology evolves, we have to as well. That’s why we’re already looking forward to our exciting plans for 2023. “We’re happy to announce that after the winter break, we will start minting Live MO:ME:NTs for FC Twente, including the lineups at the start of each game, the goals, and the victories as and when they happen. FC Twente MO:ME:NT holders will join the community and have access to special items and experiences that money can’t buy.” — Rudy Banholzer (Co-Founder and COO — MO:ME:NT)

That’s a Wrap!

This year we accomplished great things together. Our partner E|motion’s Managing Director Dominik Beier even proclaimed that they are always seeking groundbreaking projects for their events and were thrilled with this experience.

At MO:ME:NT, we understand that sports evoke strong emotions in people. That’s why we’re thrilled that in 2022, we took our first steps into the Metaverse, and we are determined to use this technology as a way for brands to continue pushing boundaries while leading change.

Stay tuned to what we have planned for 2023 because the season’s just getting started!