MO:ME:NT's exciting January projects: a recap and reflection

As the digital world continues to evolve, brands are looking for ways to stand out and gain more visibility. This past January, MO:ME:NT collaborated with some amazing partners to help them build brand awareness while providing a fun and engaging user experience.

Let’s take a look at what we accomplished this past month!

MO:ME:NT and FC Twente partnership

FC Twente embarked on its first venture into the world of digital art. We partnered with FC Twente to bring all the lineups, goals, and victories directly to fans LIVE as they happened. As part of the partnership with FC Twente, MO:ME:NT gave users the chance to collect special FC Twente digital art for free during January and February. All users had to do was to connect to the MO:ME:NT website and create a profile. Plus, no crypto transactions were involved, so there was no need to worry about complicated transactions or exchanges! As a result, many people who had never heard of virtual assets were exposed to this new technology through our campaign. How cool is that? Stay tuned to our socials for the January winner announcements.

As part of MO:ME:NT's collaboration with Kia Austria, we created an exciting Metaverse called Kia Kosmos, to celebrate the 2023 Australian Open. This was an immersive experience that allowed fans to travel around virtual tennis balls, each with its own unique theme and activities. It included a virtual exhibition space that showcased MO:ME:NT NFTs from the tournament. The exhibition was designed to be a captivating experience for tennis fans, featuring exclusive content and interviews with special guests. These interviews were conducted by our media partner, LAOLA1, a subsidiary of our data partner Sportradar.

To make it more exciting, we strategized a gamification campaign in which participants could win an Oculus Quest 2 by “cheering” for their favorite MO:ME:NTs. We launched a thrilling treasure hunt in the virtual world of Kia Kosmos. Players were given three objects–bronze, silver, and gold tennis balls- hidden in the Metaverse. Everyone who completed the journey was rewarded accordingly; bronze winners received goodie bags from both MO:ME:NT and Kia Austria, while silver winners received two VIP tickets to an upcoming Austrian tennis tournament. Finally, gold winners were treated to an amazing luxury tennis weekend worth €500!

It was a unique experience—and one that will undoubtedly set a higher standard for our Metaverses moving forward!

TCL, the NFL, and a Metaverse

As part of our collaboration with TCL Mexico, we created a Metaverse where users could experience the excitement of the playoffs and Super Bowl LVII by minting NFTs of all the touchdowns. Since every touchdown made during the playoffs season was immortalized through an NFT token, this was a great way for fans to keep track of each touchdown as it happened. Users were also able to own part of the NFL history and show off their favorite plays as unique collectibles.

Notonlydidthisgiveuserssomethingfun and interactive to do while watching the game, but it also gave them something tangible they could hold onto long after the game was over–a special memory from one of the biggest sporting events in the world!

Another gamification technique

Gamification was truly the term of the month. MO:ME:NT and TCL Mexico set users up on a digital hunt to find the golden football hidden in the Metaverse; whoever found it won a fancy new TV! This was an exciting way to get people involved in our campaign and really think outside the box when it came to finding creative solutions for interacting with our customers.

But that’s not everything. The Super Bowl is only getting started – follow the action and giveaways here.

In the end, we’re builders of engaging virtual worlds

This past January has been an incredibly productive one for MO:ME:NT.Our various projects have shown just how powerful technology can be when used correctly—from bridging technology gaps through our partnership with FC Twente, celebrating sports events like the NFL Playoffs and Superbowlthroughourcollaborationwith TCL Mexico, to creating immersive experiences for fans in our Kia Kosmos Metaverse.

These campaigns brought people together over shared interests while also showcasing the digital world's power and potential for connecting brands and customers. Here at MO:ME:NT, we are excited about continuing our work toward pushing boundaries and engaging customers through our virtual experiences.

February is set to be an even bigger month of fun! Stay tuned.