FC Twente partners with MO:ME:NT to explore the digital world

Are you a fan of Dutch football and digital art? If so, we have some exciting news for you. FC Twente is embarking on its first venture into the world of digital art with the help of MO:ME:NT. This innovative technology will create an immersive link between football clubs and their fans that is revolutionary. Fans now have the ability to not only appreciate the performance of their favorite players in real life but also collect virtual mementos through ownership of MO:ME:NTs.

By offering exclusive MO:ME:NTs from FC Twente games, we help create lasting memories in the minds of the team’s dedicated fans. They don't just watch and feel the heat of each goal– they own it forever as part of shopping for one-of-a-kind memorabilia. And there's an added bonus; with every purchase, they’ll be helping to give back directly to their club – what could be better? Let’s explore how this partnership will work and why it’s changing the way we experience sports fandom.

FC Twente and MO:ME:NT

With the partnership, we aim to make it simple and straightforward for everyone– regardless of their background or tech-savviness level– to join on our vibrant community as well as enjoy unique experiences within it! In this spirit, we are proud that FC Twente has decided to work with us to create money-can’t-buy experiences for fans. With them onboard, there is much more awesomeness waiting around the corner.

Get ready; something huge is happening with the two powerhouses together!

How It Works

When fans purchase MO:ME:NTs from FC Twente games, they'll receive a unique token tied to each piece of artwork that serves as both proof of authenticity for their asset and an immutable record detailing who owns it. These tokens will be stored securely on the blockchain, meaning no one can tamper with them or counterfeit them– giving fans peace of mind knowing that their memorabilia is safe from falling into unscrupulous hands. Additionally, these tokens can be used as collateral for future purchases– giving even more value to these virtual pieces of history!

In January 2023, live minting of squad images, goal celebrations, and victories will begin. If you're an FC Twente fan, this first month of the year is the perfect time to create memories that'll last a lifetime! With no crypto involved, you can get amazing prizes and unique FC Twente MO:ME:NTs completely free of cost– all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

1 - Create your free account at https://mo-me-nt.com/

2 - Follow the instructions in the FC Twente profile https://mo-me-nt.com/profile/63c0576e15d857a1a5c9cb36

Winners will be chosen by FC Twente every week.

The Benefits of Collecting FC Twente MO:ME:NTs

Collecting memorabilia offers many benefits to sports fans beyond simply having proof of ownership for their prized items. For example, these tokens can also be used for exclusive experiences such as meet & greets with FC Twente players or tickets to special events at the stadium– allowing fans to feel even more connected to their team in ways never before possible! Additionally, collecting these types of items gives people something tangible to remember each moment by, which helps create lasting memories in the minds of dedicated supporters all over the world. Overall, this venture holds immense potential for both the club and its fan base– making sure everyone wins in this new era for sports entertainment.


We here at MO:ME:NT couldn't be more excited about our newest partner FC Twente joining us– they've seen firsthand how we offer not just MO:ME:NTs but unique access to communities and incredible opportunities like none other.

MO:ME:NTs from FC Twente allow fans to purchase unique, personalized merch that commemorate every goal and highlight an individual’s support. Not only do they get to relive these magical moments, but they also have the chance to provide tangible financial benefits for their beloved team by buying a MO:ME:NT– it truly is a win-win! It's no wonder that more and more sports entities are embracing this new realm which crosses over into other industries like gaming, entertainment, music, art, and beyond!