April MO:ME:NTs Recap: A Summary of Our Latest Projects

April MO:ME:NTs Recap: A Summary of Our Latest Projects

Over the past month, MO:ME:NT has been actively involved in creating unique NFT projects, participating in events, hosting competitions, and forming successful partnerships, all while exploring the exciting opportunities of Web3.

Let's look closely at some noteworthy events from the past month!

Mina Cup Dubai 2023

We kicked off April as the official NFT partner for the Mina Cup - Dubai 2023, a prestigious international youth football tournament that featured top-class youth teams from around the globe. To celebrate each victory, we minted 71 unique AI-generated MO:ME:NTs, which we gave away to enthusiastic fans who cheered for their favorite teams.

New Formula One Season

This year's Formula One season has been exceptionally thrilling, and we're capturing all of its unforgettable highlights. Throughout the season, we are minting F1 MO:ME:NTs LIVE as they occur so fans can own, collect, and trade the NFTs celebrating their favorite historical F1 moments. Soon you will also be able to win them. Follow our Instagram page to learn how!

FC Twente

During April, we minted 9 new MO:ME:NTs for FC Twente, enabling fans to obtain live updates on all the team's goals, and victories. We also continued our giveaway with exciting prizes in collaboration with FC Twente. You can still participate and win signed official jerseys and footballs, as well as meet-and-greet experiences.

Trusted Innovation Meetup

We attended the Trusted Innovation Meetup in Zug, Switzerland, organized by INACTA. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Pascal Haider, shared his insights and expertise about MO:ME:NT's platform and discussed the thrilling possibilities at the intersection of sports, brands, and users.

Vienna Sport&Marke 

We were honored to be attending Sport&Marke Congress in Vienna. We had a chance not only to engage with other industry experts and innovation enthusiasts but also to officially announce our new exclusive partnership with Austria's leading sports content provider, LAOLA1.

LAOLA1 Sports & Entertainment Arena

We have officially established an exclusive collaboration with Laola1, which includes creating and implementing a "LAOLA1 Sports & Entertainment Arena" in the Metaverse. This partnership presents unlimited possibilities for interacting with stakeholders and fans. In association with LAOLA1, we have already concluded successful Metaverse projects for the Australian Open and Erste Bank Open, and we aim to execute other Web3 sporting initiatives in Austria. 

April Takeaways

Throughout the month of April, we were actively developing our project by minting unique and creative sporting NFTs. Additionally, we participated in important industry events, built solid partnerships, and announced a major partnership. Moreover, we continued to explore the world of Web3 and Sports-related NFTs. In our latest blog posts, we discussed the concept of Sports NFTs and delved into the most popular NFT marketplaces.

Stay tuned for even more exciting developments from MO:ME:NT in May!